Michelle And Chris

"We’re Michelle and Chris and we chose to become foster carers because we felt that with our combined life experiences we would be able to understand and empathise with most situations that we might encounter and hopefully be able to guide and influence a young person to have a more fulfilled life and brighter future prospects.

Up to  April  2008, we  had  had  three  young  people  in  placement  on separate occasions. We do not have children of our own and although we had  foreign  students  to stay for several years, our foster children were obviously a different experience, each having very different needs and different challenges.

What keeps us fostering is the belief that we can make a difference to a young person’s future by being understanding, calm, reasoning and committed to bringing stability, education and structure to what seems to us a difficult period in their lives.

The rewards are the comments from other involved agencies and family when they enlighten us to the difference in attitudes, behaviour, presentation and very occasionally when the young person unexpectedly proves that whilst hitting our heads against a brick wall they have understood some of the things that we have guided them through and towards and the biggest joy is when a quiet voice says thank you or I know what you mean, and can demonstrate that they are now capable of choosing a different path to the one they had been destined to take."

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