Wendy And Steve

Photo of Wendy & Steve, foster carers with Community Foster Care

"Steve and I went into fostering because we felt that we could offer children not so fortunate as our own a fresh start. We found out that Community Foster Care were hoping to open an agency in Coney Hill and were looking for local people to recruit so that some children going into care could be looked after closer to their homes, instead of having to be moved miles away.

We talked things over with our two boys and all agreed it would be a good idea to give it a go. We all went along to the initial meeting as we didn’t want the boys to feel left out and felt that we would be able to offer children that are unable to live with their parents a happy and safe place to live.  

We continued with the training which took about a year and still attend training courses which are there to help us to help the children in our care and also allow us to meet other carers who quite often have been in similar circumstances and we are able to help and support each other. We have fostered twelve children and given respite care to three others and we are still in contact with most of them.

We continue to foster because we enjoy a challenge and feel that no problem is too big to conquer. We all work together as a family; we also feel that it keeps us on our toes and in touch with what the youngsters enjoy doing so that we will be ready when the grandchildren start to arrive!

We have found that once the children move on, we tend to see them more. When living at home, they would quite often choose to eat with friends or not be hungry so they could stay out playing longer but now, when it comes to birthdays and other special occasions, when we go to restaurants, they are always starving and can manage starters, the largest main course and always a dessert - quite often washed down with loads of pop.

Some of the foster kids' friends often ask if we have any spare beds as they think the foster kids have a better deal than they do at home so we have put a sign up in the window stating ‘NO VACANCIES’.

All of the children that stay with us become part of our family and attend family holidays and any other family activities we do.

We will continue to foster until we feel we are unable to offer a safe and happy home to the children.

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