Parent And Child Assessment Placements

Community Foster Care approves foster carers with experience of childminding or parenting specifically for Parent & Child Assessment Placements.

Usually the birth mother is under 21 years of age and can be as young as 13 years with a newborn baby or with the baby due to be born within two months.

The reason for the placement with foster carers is to help Mum to parent her baby or to prepare for the birth of her baby. This means keeping appointments with health professionals, taking advice and when baby is born to put the baby's needs first. These placements are usually between 3 - 6 months in length, with a high support package including weekly visits to the foster home from Community Foster Care. 

The role of the foster carer is to teach Mum parenting skills and to observe her interaction with the baby. Sometimes the foster carer will be required to attend Court to inform the Judge of what he/she has observed. Quite often these placements have a good outcome, with Mum being able to look after her baby in the community but sometimes the outcome of the placement is that it is best for the baby to be placed for adoption. This type of placement concentrates on teamwork, with all professionals working together to ensure that the best outcome for the baby is decided.

We provide additional training for our foster carers approved to have Parent & Child Assessment Placements which is provided by Ros Weller who was the Registered Manager for Orchard House Parent & Child Assessment Centre in Taunton. Having recently retired, Ros continues to work with Orchard House as a Safeguarding Consultant.

Community Foster Care obtained accreditation in 2011 to provide Parent & Child Assessment Placements for South Gloucestershire and BANES, as well as Gloucestershire.

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