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Angela & Mike

Angela and Mike have no children of their own so they felt they had room in their lives and their home to share. They wanted to make a difference and felt that their backgrounds allowed them to relate to Looked After Children. With a warm, loving and caring home to share, and so much to give, they couldn't imagine not sharing their home with children.

Angela has always been interested in social care and looked at fostering as a change of career. They also looked at fostering as a step towards maybe adopting at a later time.

"We have learnt a lot of in our first year of fostering and have had a real insight into Children's Services. We thoroughly enjoyed our first placement with a tiny premature baby which was very daunting - however we rose to the challenge. We particularly liked working alongside the young mother and supporting her to care for her baby. We saw that we were able to make a difference to their lives and knew how much this could affect their future. The experience has made a huge impact on our lives and we look forward to more challenges ahead.

"The training and support we have been given has been excellent and all credit to our Supervising Social Worker, Jo Davis, who has been very approachable and reassuring and made our first year a comfortable one. We have been able to share our experiences with fellow carers during training and social activities. It has been good to share knowledge, feelings and sometimes just have a giggle.

"We have enjoyed working alongside other professionals and being treated as equals. We built up a good working relationship with the Local Authority Social Worker for the baby we cared for. It was nice to gain feedback from her through email on our good work with the child. We are also still in contact with the mother and baby, and are a consistent part of their lives. We have enjoyed learning about what processes Children's Services provide and have a greater understanding of what this entails.

"We have enjoyed our respite with an 8 year old boy. We looked after him during the school holidays and he had an opportunity to engage his interest of trains when we took him to visit the STEAM museum in Swindon. It was great to see him enjoy his time with us. Knowing we made a small difference to his life and hopefully he will remember his stay with us too.

"With this we have become more confident carers. We have a real interest in changing the opportunities for children and being able to give our time and to share our home."

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