Skills To Foster Training

Community Foster Care provides initial training for potential foster carers which is called Skills To Foster.

The course can be run over six evenings or a full weekend and provides basic information to enable people interested in fostering to decide whether this is for them or not. 

During the course you will get to meet some of our current foster carers and be able to ask them whatever questions you want to and they will answer honestly! 

Following the course you may then be invited to take up an assessment with Community Foster Care with the view to becoming a foster carer.

The courses are great fun - there is no role play!  However, we do some large and small group work usually involving case studies with questions for you to answer. We also do activities that may require you to go outside and we have one trainer who uses playdoh (for an extra activity if we have time), water and building bricks to demonstrate aspects of child development.

In 2010 we started providing a morning session for birth children of families interested in fostering and this was so successful it has now become part of our training programme.

  Photo of attendees at Community Foster Care's Skills To Foster training course - Cumbria, January 2012  

Skills To Foster - Cumbria, January 2012

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