Diana Robinson

Diana joined Community Foster Care in January 2011 and has a background in investment banking.

Diana Robinson - Vice Chair of Trustees at Community Foster Care

Diana and her family made the decision to move full time to Gloucestershire in 2010, having spent weekends and holidays in the area since 2000. As a new full-time resident, Diana wanted to get more involved with the local community and to find a way to put her years of experience in the City to good use. Responding to an advertisement for additional trustees, Diana found out more about Community Foster Care and, the more she found out, the more she wanted to get involved.

“I was looking to associate myself with a charity that was also a social enterprise. I am a strong believer in the social enterprise business model. Everyone at Community Foster Care aims to work in the most efficient way possible. As a social enterprise, we then invest the benefits of our operating efficiency back into the community. Community Foster Care has generated a surplus over each of the past few years, and this surplus has been spent on programs to improve the care experience of our children and offer more support to our carers. It’s a great model!”

Diana’s first meeting with Community Foster Care was with some of the members of the Board of Trustees.

“I was very impressed with the Trustees that I met, including John McLaughlin, the outgoing Chair, and Mary Adlard, the Company Secretary. While I had no prior experience in the social work sector, everyone was very open to the contributions that I would be able to make to the Board, given my background in financial services. This was exactly the type of encouragement that I was looking for and I put my name forward for consideration. I was very happy to be asked to join the Board and became a Trustee in January 2011.”

Since joining the Board, Diana has worked on a number of specific projects, giving her the opportunity to work closely with the CEO, Becky Pearson.

“Becky is a dynamic and inspirational CEO and working closely with her has been a great opportunity for me. Community Foster Care is a small company, but with significant aspirations for growth. Our unique combination of community and care means we can deliver a superior service. We aim to replicate this in other geographical areas and by offering ancillary services. We need a strong CEO to deliver on our potential and we are very fortunate to have one.”

Diana encourages anyone interested in discussing the role of Trustee at Community Foster Care to contact her via kathy@thecva.co.uk.

“This is an exciting time for Community Foster Care and a great time to get involved with this dynamic organisation. As a Trustee, you will be given plenty of opportunity to contribute and I am sure you will find it a fun and rewarding experience.”

Photography by Mark Regan at www.laundrymedia.co.uk

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