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Panel Chair

Gloucester and Lancaster

As Panel Chair you will be required to chair panel meetings monthly (or as required); meetings will take place in either of CFC’s main offices located in Gloucester and Lancaster.  Panel meetings are currently taking place via zoom; during 2021 it is likely that CFC will adopt a ‘blended’ approach, and panels will include face to face as well as operating remotely. 

As a Panel Chair you will be expected to take responsibility to:

-Chair panel meetings (to include panel briefing), ensuring that all items of business are covered and that the panel operates in accordance with regulations and CFC’s policies and procedures

-Prepare for all panel meetings, reading papers thoroughly and identifying key issues and alerting the panel advisor if necessary, to ensure that the case is adequate for submission to panel.  

-Facilitate the active participation of all panel members in contributing to the panel’s consideration of cases and to the making of clear and well evidenced recommendations with the reasons for these.

-To address diversity issues and to promote anti-discriminatory practice at all times

-Ensure that clear and accurate minutes are written, which record the views of all panel members and to be involved in the checking and agreeing draft minutes with other panel members before they are sent to the agency decision maker

-To liaise with the ADM and other senior managers as required

-Ensure that the ADM and registered manager are aware of any areas of concern, in relation to individual cases and more general matters

-Be involved in the recruitment and appointment of central list members and in any consideration about terminating the appointment of a member

-Review, alongside the panel advisor, the performance of central list members as the need arises, and at least annually.

-Assist in developing, promoting and monitoring policies and procedures and high standards of work in fostering services in the agency.

-Assist in planning training for members and to participate in this at least one day a year

-Safeguarding the confidentiality of all panel papers and panel discussions

-Be involved in:

  • Whether a case is adequate for submission to panel (via panel briefing meeting)
  • Deciding on the attendance of observers at panel
  • Deciding on the participation of a panel members who declare an interest in the case
  • Deciding when an extra panel maybe necessary
  • The preparation of an annual report on the panel’s work

- Participation in Fostering Quality Assurance meetings (3 times a year), to support the agency monitor and review areas of practice across the fostering service, to include the panel’s performance.

Financial Package: £35 per hour plus £75 reading for each panel

Please find full job description below and to apply, complete an application form and email it to emmaw@communityfostercare.co.uk