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Foster Care Panel (South)

Photo of John Powell, Chair of CFC Foster Care Panel (North)

John Powell, Chair

John is the Panel Chair and has a background in social work, mainly with children and families. He has also had experience in social work management and has chaired fostering panels and also chairs Blackpool’s Adoption Panel. John is married with three children and four grandchildren and he also serves as a magistrate within Lancashire.

Photo of Jo Tetley, CFC Foster Care Panel Member (South)

Jo Tetley, Panel Member

Jo has been a Panel member since 2003. She worked in education for twenty years, involved with a wide range of activities involving young people, families and schools. She now works part-time as a Student and Family Support Worker in a Secondary School, working directly with students, their families, school staff and other agencies.

Photo of Joanna Jansen, CFC Foster Care Panel Member (South)

Joanna Jansen, Panel Member

Joanna and her husband fostered children from 1981 through to 2014, looking after one long term placement and close to thirty emergency or respite placements. Joanna was Carer Representative on the Board of Trustees for a number of years but when she retired from fostering, she became a trustee on the boards of both Community Foster Care and Community Family Care. She joined the Foster Care Panel in 2016 as an independent member.

Photo of Jacqui Payne, CFC Foster Care Panel Member (South)

Jacqui Payne, Panel Member

Jacqui works at a local organisation supporting individuals with mental health issues and learning difficulties. She has also worked with children in a residential care setting for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Jan Selwyn-Shore, CFC Foster Care Panel Member (South)

Jan Selwyn-Shore, Panel Member

Jan has over 30 years’ professional experience as a social worker and team manager, working with children, families and fostering, in both a local authority setting and the independent sector. For the past few years, she has have worked as an independent social worker,  completing fostering assessments, reviewing and investigating complaints. Jan and her husband have also fostered a number of children and she feels that these experiences have enabled her to understand the complexities and challenges of fostering from both sides.

Photo of Anne Young, CFC Foster Care Panel Member (South)

Anne Young, Panel Member

Anne has a working history in the social care sector, covering a variety of specialist areas such as nine years with special educational needs, working closely with educational settings and social care. Her current role is operations manager for Infobuzz, which is a Gloucestershire-based charity covering criminal justice, mental health and schools delivery.   

Photo of Lyn Taylor, CFC Foster Care Panel Advisor (South)

Lyn Taylor, Panel Advisor

Lyn is our Registered Manager of the Fostering Service for the South and provides advice to the Panel regarding legislation and procedural issues. Lyn has been a social worker for many years and has a wealth of experience in the field.

Photo of Sarah Hilton, CFC Senior Practitioner, Gloucestershire

Sarah Hilton, Panel Member/Senior Practitioner

Sarah is a qualified social worker who looks after CFC's foster carers in Gloucestershire, and the children placed with them. She also undertakes support work with teenage girls.

Photo of Jane Franklin, CFC Supervising Social Worker, Gloucestershire

Jane Franklin, Panel Member/Supervising Social Worker

Jane Franklin took up social work when her two daughters were teenagers. She trained as a social worker at the University of Gloucestershire and qualified in 2008. She went on to qualify as a counseller a few years later.

Photo of Mariana Straton, CFC Agency Decision Maker for the Foster Care Panel (South)

Mariana Straton, Agency Decision Maker

After each meeting, the Chair of the Panel will make recommendations to Community Foster Care's Decision Maker who will make the decision regarding approval of foster carers. Mariana then has a number of days, as set out in the Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011, to inform the applicants of the decision.