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Short-Term Fostering & Respite Care

Short-Term Fostering

Short term fostering is usually for children and young people who are either in care proceedings or whose parent(s) or care givers are unable to look after them. 

It could be for weeks, months or possibly for up to two years. 

The child’s social worker will carry out an assessment and determine a care plan for the child which could be reunification home, care proceedings or long-term fostering. 

Families who haven’t previously fostered are recommended to start with short-term placements although every situation is different. Sometimes children placed with a foster family on a short-term basis can go on to remain with them long-term. 

Short-term placement could involve the foster carer having a high level of contact with the children’s birth family to support their reunification home. 

Young children are placed in short-term foster placements while adoption placements are found for them and the foster carer will be involved with introducing the child to their new family over a period of weeks. 

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Respite Care

Respite care is ideal for families, couples or single people who work full-time but still want to make a difference to a child’s life. 

Respite usually takes place at weekends and school holidays to support a child in placement with one of our existing foster carers. It could also be for a child in a residential school who needs some family life.