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How To Get Started As A Foster Carer

When you first contact Community Foster Care, please feel free to ask any questions you have. We want you to feel able to ask any question, even if you are not sure if it is relevant.

During this first contact, we will also ask you some questions that relate to your present circumstances, eg housing arrangements, your status, employment, family circumstances, etc.

The purpose of these questions is to establish whether there are any practical reasons precluding you from fostering.

We will then arrange a home visit. This will be from a qualified social worker who will discuss your interest in fostering in more depth. During this visit, you will have the chance to explain why you want to foster, the age of children you believe would benefit best from your care and have the opportunity to explore your interest in more depth.

The process involved in becoming a foster carer will be explained to you.

We also suggest that you may want to read the profiles of some of our carers in our Carer Profiles section.

You will have the opportunity to meet other prospective carers at a Skills to Foster course, which will cover key issues in fostering, eg legal aspects of care, the children looked after, being safe, caring for someone else’s child, etc.

If at the end of the Skills to Foster course you wish to continue, then you will be invited to make a formal application.

For more information, our Fostering FAQs outline the whole process of becoming a foster carer.