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Why Choose Community Foster Care?

In 1999 CFC’s founders had an idea to do things differently, challenging the status quos in fostering.  Through an innovative and creative approach, CFC workers immersed themselves in the local communities and challenged the existing ideas about who can foster.  The aim was to support communities, provide local foster families for local children, working in areas of economic deprivation providing employment and improving skills.  We are proud of our heritage.  We believe in the potential of people like you. 

Being a charity is very important to us, we take our responsibilities to support the communities in which we work very seriously.  As a charity, we don’t have to share profits with shareholders or owners.  In fact, all our funds are committed to supporting the children we look after, their families and the communities in which they live.

                “With CFC, all the money goes back into the children, which is why they can do the funday,

the week away, all that kind of stuff, so the non profit charity, was a real big plus for us

as well.  That everything was going back into the children as opposed to shareholders.”

CFC Foster Carers 2020

At CFC we are fiercely committed to our mission and values and we are tenacious in seeking the very best for the children in our care.  As well as our excellent Supervising Social Workers, we have a team of Support Workers & Child Psychotherapists.  We celebrate our achievements and we learn from our mistakes.

Ofsted said:

          “The staff are highly motivated, very child-focused and passionate about their work.“

Read our Ofsted Report here

“Foster carers spoken to during the inspection were full of praise for the agency. The agency surveys foster carers’ views and acts on the results.”

When you become a part of Community Foster Care, you become a part of our community.  The community is guided by our values and this means we believe in one another, do what we believe is best for the children and young people we work with and we care.

Our support work team are committed to providing lots of activities and adventures during the year. This provides a chance for children and families to come together and learn and support each other. 

Community Foster Care is committed to providing a local office, centred in the community to enable close access to support, high quality training and a community hub.

We believe that everyone involved with Community Foster Care cares greatly about the charity and therefore should have a say over how it runs.  We work to provide realistic and tangible opportunities for children and young people, foster carers and staff to have a say in our future direction. 

Our Foster Carers don’t foster for financial gain, however, it is important that our fostering households are financially supported so they can provide for the children who live with them.  As a result we ensure that we pay competitive fees and allowances to enable people to commit to fostering.

In summary:

  • Children are prioritised over profit
  • Our belief in community and our values
  • We provide fantastic support
  • We run accessible high quality training from local community based offices
  • Support Workers and Psychotherapist available to support
  • Excellent levels of fees and allowances
  • Everyone’s views matter
  • Good Ofsted reports