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Your Foster Carer Representatives

At Community Foster Care the voices of our foster carers are key to steer and develop the charity.  Our Foster Carer Representatives play an important role in promoting and facilitating the voice and views of our foster carers and enabling an effective two way channel between CFC’s governance and our foster families. Their role is to:

  • Express the spectrum of views and voices of foster carers to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • To manage communication channels with foster carers, so two way feedback can happen effectively.
  • To seek the view of our foster carers on specific matters.
  • To attend the charity’s trustee meetings and present the views of foster carers in that forum.
  • To support other foster carers to play an active role within other key forum such as subgroup meetings.
  • To support individual foster carers where they wish to be supported in regard to matters with Community Foster Care.  This does not replace independent social worker support which is available to foster carers who are the subject of allegations.

It is important to note that this role should not replace the critical role of the Supervising Social Worker.  We are also always happy to hear directly from any foster carer.

Our Reps will communicate with foster carers via a Whatsapp Broadcast list (so you don’t have to reply to everyone in the group) and by blind copied email, so you can share your views with them privately, rather than having to share your view with the whole group.  For those that want it, they will also maintain a WhatsApp group.


Alison Harrison (Based in the North)

Email Alison - alisonh@communityfostercare.co.uk

My first experience of the fostering world, happened unexpectedly when my husband, Ken, and I were asked to look after my niece for the weekend. This turned in to kinship fostering and later into Residency Order.  Throughout the years we considered fostering mainstream but although we liked the idea, the timing was wrong for us all, so we waited until the right time. 

In 2017, when the time was right, we looked at all the options and types of fostering. We chose Community Foster Care, after lots of research and talking to other CFC Foster carers. We wanted to feel supported and liked the local ‘family feel” of CFC so began our journey. 

CFC listen to what you need and support you every step of the way, through the initial assessment and throughout the fostering journey. There is plenty of training and upskilling when you need specific knowledge. I like the ‘human feel’ of CFC, we are not perfect superhero’s, but we have got all the time, love and care to help shape a young person to help them along the way to a bright shining future. 

Being a foster carer is the most rewarding thing we have ever done; our boy came to us as a anxious child and has grown and developed into a confident young man. As he moves through the milestones of life, is reward in itself. 

So now I am the new foster carer rep for the north! It sounds a massive job but, in reality, I’m your voice, among other things. I am looking forward to getting involved so feel free to contact me anytime via your preferred method and I will respond as soon as time allows. 

Maggie Coopey (Based in the South)

Email Maggie - maggiec@communityfostercare.co.uk

I used to work in schools as a career advisor. I would see so many children in desperate need of stability and a safe place to call home. It made me think, if I felt this strongly about it then maybe I should do something about it and that's when I started looking into fostering.

This was back in 2007 and I'm happy to say, choosing Community Foster Care was absolutely the right decision for me. I have since fostered over twenty children and young people, two of which are staying put.

Initially, I was worried I wouldn't have the skills to look after children who have potentially come from very turbulant homes and I didn't want to let anyone down but thankfully, CFC provide excellent support and training. I have never felt like I'm on my own to deal with difficult situations and we have a great network of other foster carers locally who CFC facilitates get togethers with.

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a Foster Carer Representative, you can dowload the job description here.