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Bingo! Our young people score a full house

3 September 2015 | CFC News

CFC Life Skills course

Five of Community Foster Care’s young people did a brilliant job on a Life Skills course organised by Placement Support Worker Gavin Worrall.
It covered lots of different life skills over five days, including money management, home safety, cooking, shopping, health and wellbeing, team building and employability skills.
The young people also organised a community project and chose to run an afternoon tea and bingo at an old people’s home in Matson.
They made sandwiches and baked heart-shaped shortbread and cupcakes.
The bingo session was a huge success with the young people getting into the spirit of things using the traditional bingo calls and supplying prizes.
It was a great day and well attended by the residents who all seemed to enjoy the company of our young people.
I was most impressed with the confidence of our young people who took it in turns to talk to residents and call out the bingo numbers.
They were all-round outstanding as they organised and prepared the day in one morning. It couldn't have gone any better. All the food was eaten and it was great to see young and old swapping life stories.
The home manager was so pleased that she later bought our team boxes of chocolates to say thankyou.
Young people also visited SkillZone, a safety unit built to educate young people and adults. They completed a cooking challenge in which they had to feed a big staff team at a local youth club, helped by a trained chef. The team with the lowest budget won
Here’s some of the feedback received:
"I really enjoyed the week and have learnt so many new skills."
"I liked everything but my favourite day was the Community Challenge."
"I would definitely attend Life Skills again next year - it was really fun but also educational."
It was a fantastic week, and that was all down to the amount of effort the young people put in. They did lots of work and have the folders to prove it. I am really proud of them and hope they continue to use the new life skills they learnt.
Gavin Worrall