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Thanks for taking part in our survey – here’s what you said

10 July 2018 | CFC News

A survey of carers from Community Foster Care has revealed high satisfaction rates in all areas.

Carers were asked their views on all aspects of fostering, including support, allowance rates, training, activities and relationships with staff and social workers.

In almost areas, the foster carers who responded rated Community Foster Care as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.  Equally, levels of satisfaction were consistently around 80 per cent.

Chief Executive of Community Foster Care Mark Kingston thanked carers for taking part in the survey.

“It is imperative that we seek your feedback on a regular basis and that we learn from what you tell us,” he said.

“Whilst we strive for perfection we recognise that there’s always room to improve. We firmly believe that our charity will be better for it.

“It’s great that the overall satisfaction rates were so positive and there was little negativity. However, there were also some very constructive comments about how we can do a better job, in particular in terms of training and support groups.”

Asked how satisfied carers are with the frequency of supervision, 97% were satisfied or extremely satisfied. A further 78 per cent were satisfied with the support received.

Supervising social workers and placement support workers notched up 91% in the satisfaction ratings for understanding the needs of cared-for children. A reassuring 97% said they were satisfied or very satisfied that Community Foster Care listens to its carers.

When it came to the level of allowances, 83% of those who responded were satisfied or extremely satisfied.

Whilst the matching process of carer with children scored highly, 34% of those who responded said they’d like better quality information about children before their placement begins.

All Community Foster Care’s carers in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Lancashire and Cumbria were invited to take part in the survey. They could choose whether to remain anonymous.