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Parent & Baby Fostering

Parent and baby fostering graphicParent and baby fostering involves providing support to a parent to care for their baby. We all need support to raise a child, particularly if the baby is our first and you would be offering that support, advice and guidance, whilst being well supported by us. 

The parent may be a young, first-time mum or could be an older mum who has learning difficulties. 

Parents come from lots of different backgrounds and may not have had the experiences of being parented as a child, which would inform the way that they should parent, and therefore they might need help to learn the skills of being a good parent such as keeping their baby safe, the importance of routines, giving warmth and stimulation to their baby as well as looking after themselves and a home.

Parent and child fostering can be both challenging and rewarding. 

The level of support needed can be different depending on each individual case. For example, a parent may need very little support and would be able to access the community with their baby independently of a foster carer.

However in some cases, intensive support and supervision by the foster carer is needed, particularly if court proceedings are ongoing and a parenting assessment has been requested. 

If a parenting assessment has been requested, foster carers will need to also make in-depth daily recordings of how the parent is progressing, which will inform the social worker’s assessment.   

The length of parent and baby fostering placements can vary. Typically they last for twelve weeks, therefore we request that foster carers do not take holidays during the time they have a parent and baby staying with them.

Community Foster Care recognises that parent and child fostering is intensive, therefore we offer a high level of support to our foster carers.  

You will have weekly visits by an experienced social worker to give you advice and guidance and discuss any concerns and worries you may have. 

We also offer foster carers specialist training, access to support groups where you can meet other parent and baby foster carers, 24/7 telephone support and a generous weekly payment.