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Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

A world where all children and young people grow up in families rich in the essential ingredients required for them to realise their ambitions and dreams.


Our Mission

To create environments, enrich families and harness communities that enable children and young people to overcome adversity and abuse, by creating an enduring sense of belonging. By doing this and by working together, we will have the courage to overcome barriers; through tenacity and creativity we will release their potential.


Our Values

Our values drive our approach to our work, our reason for being and the way in which we work with children, families and communities. These values will build our community culture and guide us in achieving our mission.



  • We work to achieve the highest standards in the pursuit of excellence
  • We believe that relationships built on integrity and trust with all are a fundamental foundation of our work
  • We are committed to working in partnership with all to enhance the quality of life for all
  • We are passionate about treating everyone with integrity and respect



  • We will always stand up for what we believe is right for children and families
  • We will remain strong in our belief in the potential of all people
  • We will embrace challenge and critical reflection in the pursuit of developing practice, continuous learning and innovation



  • We believe diverse teams are more effective at working together to find solutions
  • We recognise that to be creative, to grow and to innovate, we must have the courage to also fail
  • We believe that creativity is essential to our future success and therefore must be nurtured and valued


Community Commitment

  • We are committed to building long-term relationships and investing within the communities we serve
  • We value difference and believe diversity enhances how we work
  • A key purpose of our work is to enable children and young people to contribute as proud citizens of their communities



  • We are personal accountable for the goals we set
  • We will go above and beyond in the pursuit of children and young people’s dreams and ambitions
  • We believe in sticking by children and young people. This is a vital ingredient in our practice and demonstrates our belief in them
  • We understand our work is challenging and will test us. We believe that by working together as a charity, our commitment and tenacity will allow us to deliver our goals and realise dreams



  • We understand our responsibilities in enabling children to have and realise their dreams
  • We understand that being ambitious for children and young people means releasing their potential and their own self-belief
  • Our ambition to provide young people with the best opportunity to make valuable contributions to their community and to have happy fulfilling lives means that we will put their needs first, even in the most testing circumstances