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Foster Carers

There are thousands of children who just want a safe place to call home with foster carers who will look out for them and make them feel that they do have a future.

Community Foster Care recruits foster carers from all sorts of backgrounds. If you want to make a difference to a child’s life, please get in touch. All you need is to be 25-plus and in good health. 

Why People Decide To Foster

People decide to become foster carers for lots of reasons but there is one main one: they want to make a difference in a child's life.

Sometimes our families have been thinking about fostering for years before they make that decisive step and contact Community Foster Care.

Some are parents who have done a good job with their own children and see no reason why they can’t be role models for foster children.

Others don’t have children of their own but feel they have time, patience, warmth and love to give to young people who cannot live with their own families.

A lot of our foster families are ‘empty nesters’ whose children are now grown up and they enjoy having the noise and fun that youngsters bring to a home.   

Whatever the reason, fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. 

What about the children who need a foster home? 

Thousands of children need foster care through no fault of their own. They may have been abused or perhaps their birth parents are no longer able to look after them.

These children are hurt, vulnerable and may have had a number of placement moves before they settle with a family.

All the children placed have great potential and are usually school attenders, but need extra support and understanding from their carers and school.

Placing a young person in a foster home with the right levels of attention and support, gives them the opportunity to rebuild their lives and find security, stability and the belief that they can have a secure future.

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