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Skills To Foster Training

Community Foster Care provides Skills to Foster training to all potential fosters carers. 

You will be invited to a course following an initial visit from a member of Community Foster Care social work team.  

The course involves six sessions for foster carers held over six weeks or over a weekend. Session seven covers the whole family fostering so potential fostering children are invited to take part in group activities to help them to understand the fostered child and how fostering will affect them. 

The Skills to Foster course provides basic information that will enable people interested in fostering to decide whether it is for them or not. The courses are facilitated by two members of the Community Foster Care social work team and are interactive, mainly involving large and small group work. You will be given case studies to look at and activities to help you understand aspects of child development, safeguarding and safer caring, equality and diversity, as well as looking at the legal aspect and how children come into care. 

During the course you will have the opportunity to meet some of Community Foster Care’s current foster carers and will be able to ask them anything you like about their fostering experiences.