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Community Foster Care in Lancashire now offers Theraplay®.

Theraplay® is a short-term, attachment-based intervention which uses play to re-create experiences of secure attachment formation between parent/carer and child.

The focus on attachment and relationship development has resulted in Theraplay® being used successfully for many years with foster and adoptive families. The intervention is concerned with the 'here and now’ and does not require the child to tell their story.

Theraplay® can help children who have experienced trauma, separation and loss. It helps children with:

  • Angry or disruptive behaviour
  • Defiant, oppositional or controlling behaviour
  • A history of trauma, abuse or neglect
  • Attachment disorder
  • Behavioural problems at school or with peers

This therapeutic service is provided by certified Theraplay® practitioner Anne Bone. Anne has many years of experience in this area of work and has worked alongside The Theraplay® Institute in the delivery of their introduction programme in the UK.

What do carer’s say about Theraplay® and its impact?

“Anne’s involvement has been the most significant factor in the success of the placement of our girls with us.  We hardly dare think where we would be now, if we had not had the benefit of her services”

“The counselling sessions were very, very helpful and frankly, felt lifesaving at times. Anne was able to teach us strategies for dealing with specific behaviours. These many strategies that we were taught were key in changing the very controlling and aggressive behaviours we were dealing with on a daily basis”

Please note: this service is only available from Community Foster Care in the North.

For further information, please contact Emma Weaver on emmaw@communityfostercare.co.uk.