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'The children were fine': acknowledging complex feelings in the move from foster care into adoption

9 November 2015 | Fostering News

Child psychotherapists, Sophie Boswell and Lynne Cudmore, recently published some research entitled 'The children were fine: acknowledging complex feelings in the move from foster care into adoption'.

Sophie and Lynne are both based in a Looked After Children’s service. They were worried about how quickly children were being moved from foster care into adoption, and how little ongoing contact they were having with their foster carers. There is little research into the way these transitions are carried out.

Their research paper was published in the British Journal of Fostering and Adoption in 2014.

Foster carers, adopters and social work professionals have given feedback to suggest they also feel that current procedures are out of step with children’s attachment needs, and many are seeking further research and guidance to help them navigate these complex transitions.

Sophie and Lynne felt it was important to keep this issue alive, so have set up a website which they hope will act as a hub for discussion and debate about this neglected topic.

Please take a look at their website:


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