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Stability in foster care placements is a priority

21 September 2018 | CFC News

Community Foster Care has been at the forefront of ensuring that our children and our foster carers are well matched and that placements rarely break down.

We are not, however, complacent and we recognise that there is always room for improvement.

That is why we have drawn up a Placements Stability Strategy – a means of ensuring that we do everything possible to promote stability in foster care placements. It ties in with the publication of the 2018 Stability Index by Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield.

Community Foster Care’s strategy enshrines our belief that all children and carers have a right to expect a ‘happy’ rather than an ‘unplanned’ ending, and that children can realistically expect to remain a forever member of a family.

We want to develop the culture within Community Foster Care that placement stability and robust permanency and placement planning are a priority.

To this end we are reviewing, revising and reinforcing all our practices and procedures. We have also engaged the services of a clinical child psychotherapist to support both children and carers.

Most important, we are launching a discussion with children, young people, foster carers, staff and partners about ways to further embed in our culture the importance of stability.

We look forward to discussing these issues with our carers in the coming months.