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See the Potential and They'll See it in Themselves


We know that when you see the potential in a child or young person, they will see it in themselves. If you have this kind of positive energy, you could be a fantastic foster carer. We would love to hear from you and start with an informal chat to find out if fostering is right for you. Please do make an enquiry by filling in the contact form on this page.

Key benefits of fostering with us:

  • Excellent fees and allowances - £416 per week, per child placed
  • Highly skilled support workers and 24 hour support
  • Full training program - we have adapted some of this due to Covid-19
  • Local offices for training and support
  • Gold standard support for our Foster Carers
  • We are a charity and believe in children, not profit
  • We are small enough that we can get to know and care about our community

Meet our Fantastic Storytellers


Matt moved away from his home town into foster care in Gloucestershire when he was just fifteen. His younger years were consumed by depression and self-harm and he was later diagnosed with gender identity disorder. Matt has since found the courage to come out as transgender, worked hard to overcome his mental health difficulties and has earned a place at university to study social work. He is also a member of Community Foster Care's fostering panel, which we couldn't be happier about.

Watch more of Matt's experience leaving care.


Rebecca went into foster care as a teenager at a crucial point in her schooling. She did not manage to get the grades required for her to take the next step into university education and had to take a bridging course. While at the time it felt like a huge setback, Rebecca went on to gain her degree in Social Work and has been with Community Foster Care since 2018 - we are lucky to have her! Rebecca has achieved all of her goals of wanting to be a mum, have a good family around her, own her own house and become a social worker.

Watch more of Rebecca's experience leaving care.


Naval entered the foster care system after coming to the UK from India. He lacked the support he needed throughout education which resulted in his being kicked out of school. Naval took it upon himself to call up Gloucestershire University and secured himself a spot in the business school through clearing. Naval also suffered with self-harm and depression but, regardless, graduated with a 1st Class Degree with special honours.

Watch more of Naval's experience leaving care.



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